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In House Exhibition
In House Exhibition
Best Selling Contemporary Stationary Sofa
Best Selling Contemporary Stationary Sofa
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KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa
KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa

Building up joy home with love, KUKAHOME public welfare action conveys warmth

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Date / Mar.17.2018 Click : 633

On March 17, the home field press conference for public actions "Joy KUKA Homes" was held on Nantong of Jiangsu Province. At this public event, KUKA Homes raised the public action concept "Joy Home Care", and called for users and consumers to pay attention to the weakness orphans around them. Such a meaningful family public event allows parents and children to take action together and share the love in a joyful way. At the same time, it instills the public concept to children, letting them have a warm heart since the childhood. It takes the event as chance, motivates children with more beautiful views so as to transfer to those children who need help.

The vice president of KUKA Homes Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Hong made a speech at the event site. He said that KUKA Homes, as an enterprise with social responsibility, stands for an industry, and shall have the liability to take more social responsibilities, care and love home is the concept more worthy to advocate. Our mission is "Where happiness lies, where happy life comes".At the same time, he called for parents to take their children to play with orphans in orphanages after work, and also encouraged consumers to donate books and charity suppliers, to construct a better joyful home with KUKA Homes.


This public act of "Joy KUKA Homes" not only causes positive response on the internet, also it brings new attempt and sensation to public welfare undertakings. The public event is an activity full of passive energy, while most of the public welfare activities are too touching which cover the pleasure of participating in public undertakings itself. As the sponsor and initiator of the event, KUKA Homes insights the people's mental state. We invited the star to act the merrymaker and worked with designers build up "joy home". Other brands are also infected and gave support to the event, make a voice for love. It is more interesting, vivid and full of positive energy compared with the past common public events.


Commonweal never touches people but believe. In recent years, KUKAHOME has been recognized by consumers in products and service, and also it sets up an example in the industry in branding and enterprise responsibility. "Joy KUKAHOME" public events bring overall updating of furniture commonweal, KUKAHOME lifts its benchmark brand image again in the industry.

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